Totally DIY With Metal Director David Brodsky

New York’s David Brodsky has possibly done more for metal than any other video director, working with everyone from Kylesa and As I Lay Dying to Gwar and Papa Roach. Along the way, he’s been bestowed many a “Best Video” award, lots of them from MTV’s long-running metal show Headbanger’s Ball. Brodsky is at one with the do-it-yourself mentality — from an early job creating window displays for Tower Records through teaching himself how to use cameras, edit video and develop 3D animation, he’s developed a huge range of techniques to make each clip different from the last. Below, we check out some of the sickest videos he’s made in collaboration with Scion AV. At the end, watch Brodsky explain how to make a great video on a tiny budget at 2012’s Scion Music(less) Conference. A must watch for any up-and-coming artist! 

Arsis “Carve My Cross” 
You wouldn’t expect Virginia Beach’s tech-death kingpins Arsis to be scared of anything, but even they get shook as they trip through a haunted house in this jewel-toned clip. Pair spooky shots and crazy camera angles with up-close shots of serious guitar shredding and you’ve got another Brodsky winner.


Municipal Waste “Repossession”
Party thrashers (and fellow Virginians) Municipal Waste play repo men in this straightforward video based directly on the song. Watch them steal your couch and your pizza, then rock the junkyard hard.


Tombs “Passageways”
A heavy, goth-inspired song by Brooklyn experimental metal outfit Tombs gets equally moody and eerie visuals in this candle-lit clip.


Whitechapel “I, Dementia”
In an homage to the White Stripes’ highly graphical style and limited color palette, Brodsky uses his design background to create a striking take on the traditionally bland performance video. You’ve never seen deathcore like this before.


Revocation “The Grip Tightens”
Brodsky shows his lighter side as he imagines what tech-death band Revocation would look like as old men rocking the nursing home, complete with headbanging seniors and hot emo nurses.


David Brodsky’s “How To Make A Music Video” at Scion Music(less) Conference 2012

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