The Scion xD in Make Every Second Count: Street Friendly Food


Growing up eating homemade Italian food gave Lisa Nativo the inspiration for her Nonna’s Kitchenette food truck, but it was a casting call for a competitive reality TV show that got her to put her ideas into action. In Make Every Second Count: Street Friendly Food, director Doug Pray documents how Lisa uses the Scion xD to help her put a modern twist on the meals she grew up with.



Lisa’s 2nd place finish on the show gave her the confidence she needed to turn Nonna’s Kitchenette into her full time job. Although running the truck is hard work, often requiring her to stay up late into the night preparing ingredients, being able to set an example for other women who want to live out their dreams makes it worthwhile for Lisa and her dedicated team.



Nonna’s Kitchenette may have stepped into the industry as an underdog, but Lisa has shown that it’s possible to successfully break into a tough business by Making Every Second Count. With lines of customers following her truck wherever it goes, she’s proven if you’re committed to turning your dreams into a reality, there’s always a way to pull through.

Make Every Second Count: Street Friendly Food is up for viewing below. You can find more about Lisa’s food truck, Nonna’s Kitchentte, at the following link.


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