The Scion xB in Make Every Second Count: High Gear


The traffic congested streets of Los Angeles are an unlikely place to cultivate a love of bicycles, but Danny Farahirad’s childhood rides to the beach have helped him do just that. In Make Every Second Count: High Gear, director Doug Pray takes a look at how Danny uses a Scion xB to connect his Downtown LA Bicycles shop to the city.



As someone who was raised a cycling enthusiast, Danny spent his life learning what it takes to make in on a bike in LA. With help from his father, he was able to use his knowledge to turn Downtown LA Bicycles into a resource to educate current and potential new riders on the rules of the road.



Whether it’s on his bike or while he’s in the Scion xB, Danny is Making Every Second Count by being an active part of the city’s growing cycling movement. In his own words, “my dream is really to share that passion, get more people into a healthier lifestyle, and make a change.”

Check out the full Make Every Second Count: High Gear video below, and don’t forget to stop by the Downtown LA Bicycles site at the following link!


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