The Scion iQ in Make Every Second Count: Healthy Mission

Chef, author, and food activist Bryant Terry has made a name for himself in the culinary industry by promoting food that’s healthy, sustainable, and most importantly, delicious. In Make Every Second Count: Healthy Mission, director Doug Pray explored how Bryant uses the Scion iQ to find fresh produce from local farmers, promote his cause, and empower others to change their lifestyles.

Bryant began Making Every Second Count as a grassroots activist in New York, where he held workshops for young people in urban communities to educate them about the role one’s diet plays in maintaining personal health and well-being. In his own words, “It’s really a personal mission. It’s really about me wanting to prolong the life of the people I care about.”

From there, he began authoring cookbooks and speaking at public events as a means of further reaching out to the community. Bryant’s activism extends to his personal life, where he grows many of his own ingredients in order to prove that living a sustainable lifestyle is much more than a mere passing fad.

Watch the full Make Every Second Count: Healthy Mission short film below, and find out more about Bryant Terry at the following link.


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