Distal Talks About 5 of His Favorite Producers

Embassy Recordings boss Distal comes from Atlanta and you can hear the essence of Southern hip-hop and bass music in his productions, even when they’re refracted through the sounds of Berlin techno, juke or acid house. On his label, he releases really future-forward bass music by the likes of Wheez-ie and Thefft, and then turns around and records mysterious no-wobble dubstep for Pinch’s Tectonic imprint. But maybe the best thing about this Southern gent is his large collection of Simpsons and Beavis & Butthead-theme attire. Distal recently played for a Scion Radio event (watch the video here) and we asked him to tell us a bit about some other Scion Radio guests whose music he’s into. Check out his comments below, along with fresh interviews.


“This guy is one of my favorite producers and label owners around. His label, Night Slugs, and his original productions are very precise and focused. When I think of Bok Bok, I think of his Southside EP cover – I love the aesthetic his label represents! I’ve corresponded with him a few times over the past few years and he seems to be a genuinely nice guy. I’m also a big fan for his recent signing of a fellow Georgia resident Helix. Plus, c’mon, his name rules!”

Favorite Track: “Reminder.” “It’s a perfect balance of old-school techno influence but with a modern arrangement.”


I’m on the Tectonic label with this guy, under Pinch’s watchful eye. It’s an honor for me because I loved his stuff from the minute I heard it. His “dubstep” always sounded way different than everyone else’s. He focuses mainly on the use of guitar sounds and effects in his tracks, but more often than not he’s got these techno soundscapes in the background. It’s a certain type of juxtaposition that only he can pull off. He runs his own label as well called Chest Plate. I’m wearing the shirt right now actually.

Favorite track: “Magnesium”


I say their name Clicks & Vissles like a German every time I hear it in my head. They bring a heavy influence of rap music into their dance tracks and apparently are just making straight-up rap from time to time now. I met Jorge after playing a party with him in Charlotte and shortly thereafter began to talk to Petey about football. After they sent Mite and I their demo for “Cranberry Goose” we knew we wanted them to be a part of Embassy right away. We felt they were some of the strongest producers coming out of our region, the South. Jorge’s dog Graham gets excited when he sees me and has peed on me a few times. Also, Petey has a tattoo of Jimi Hendrix on his leg that says Bob Marley under it.

Favorite track: “Radiator.” Hands down! Such an emotional song


When I think of Untold I think of Atlanta Dubstep’s two-year anniversary flyer when we brought him to Atlanta. Orange and brown, baby. Jack is a great guy. I’ve gotten to play alongside him a few times. This guy is one of the reasons I had so much energy to push things forward four or five years ago. He runs the label Hemlock Recordings, who release stuff from Randomer, who I really love.

Favorite track: “Kingdom.” If you haven’t heard this, you’re missing out. When it first dropped, I had never heard anything like it before.


Omar S is a house and techno producer from Detroit who runs his own label called FXHE. I love his tracks mainly because a lot of them are DJ tools. They’re normally a solid groove and idea and super focused, but with a very raw, natural feel to them. It reminds me of J Dilla – not clean, but dirty on purpose. I think it’s in his mixdowns. I really enjoy the fact that he’s also just a normal guy; he seems very humble in the interviews I read with him. Never met him, but I’m making big plans to add him on Facebook soon. Hahaha.

Favorite track: “Churchill.” I always think of black and white with a splash of purple when I think of Omar S.

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