Retro Glamour Meets Killer Keys: Chrome Canyon’s “Generations” Video

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Venice, California-based renegade Ace Norton has made music videos for the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Aesop Rock and even J. Lo, but in this gripping clip he gets moody and cinematic on behalf of New York synth mastermind Chrome Canyon. “Generations,” off his Stones Throw album Elemental Themes, is a masterpiece of layered keyboards recalling giallo movies, Vangelis and disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder. Norton makes the track into a soundtrack for a dark, twisted and alluring mystery, crafting a noir fantasy that will appeal to fans of Drive and Twin Peaks with its slow-motion closeups and dark LA glamour.

Of course, Chrome Canyon isn’t the only analog-gear-obsessed dude Stones Throw has up its sleeve. Following the “Generations” video below, check out a studio tour with L.A.’s groovy keyboardist Dâm-Funk and find out how these soaring keys and drum machine drops really get made. Then, check out Dâm and his band kicking out the jams in outerspace in the video for “Forever.” Electro-boogie never dies!


Dâm-Funk Studio Tour

Dâm-Funk “Forever”


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