Real Talk with Plant Music’s Eli Escobar

Eli Escobar is one of New York’s unsung heroes. Not only is he a truly flawless DJ – effortlessly going between uptown bottle-service clubs and the most underground disco parties (like Tiki Disco and Night People, hosted by Scion AV conspirators Lloydski and Blu Jemz) – but he’s also an accomplished producer in his own right, turning out glittering house remixes and on-point edits of all your favorite names. His own original productions for Big Apple labels like Plant Music and Dither Down show a mastery of the dancefloor, combining pop touches with the kind of melodies that make everyone move. In this interview with The Rub DJs — Ayres, Cosmo Baker and DJ Eleven – Eli explains the pause tapes that launched his career, how he landed a Kanye West remix and the way he keeps it all in motion. Also take a listen to Eli’s killer track “Oslo,” from Scion AV’s free Plant Music compilation.

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