Arsis’ Behind the Scenes Interview for Their Carve My Cross Video and Lepers Caress EP

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Arsis demystify its songwriting process in a new behind the scenes interview for Scion AV. The Virginia-based technical death metal band explains that though its composition may sound complex, there are, as vocalist and guitarist James Malone puts it, “only two or three truly unique parts in every song. They’re kind of just messed with and contorted.”

The band members then gets into why they decided to juxtapose a technical death metal song with a cheesy music video concept  ripped from the 1980s, as they did for “Carve My Cross,” their recent contribution to the Scion AV Video Series.

“Carve My Cross” is from Arsis’ EP for Scion AV, Lepers Caress, now available for free download.

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