No Tea, No Shade: L.A.’s Pipes Music is on Fire

Pipes Music is a considerably toned down name for the utterly charming duo of Stevie Be and Matty P. signed to Brodinski’s Bromance label, the pair makes flamboyant music inspired by Chicago, London and New York of the 1980s and 1980s—take a little bit of acid, a lotta Chicago house, a dose of vogue and some good old-fashioned rave flavors, put it all in a blender and prepare to freak out! The Pipes boys met on the L.A. club scene, going out to nights like A Club Called Rhonda, Mustache Mondays and Wildness, and soon discovered that Stevie Be’s dark beats were a perfect match for Matty P’s perfectly nasty vocals and over-the-top performance antics. In this interview, the two dish funny stories about each other, explaining how Matty P’s dance background influences their tracks and how vocal ideas come together on the phone at 3 a.m.

And if you want to know more about how Rhonda does the damn thing, keep scrolling down: we’ve got Prince Paul interviewing the legendary party squad in the midst of a crazy Coachella Pool Party. As well, stream A Club Called Rhonda’s radio show below for some of the sassiest house, disco, acid and Balearic cuts around. Scion Streaming Radio brings the latest in music and exclusive artist interviews through its 17 channels of non-stop online streaming radio and scion audio.


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