Scion AV Partners: Phatkaps – Street Style with Smarts

The Scion Partners program is network of nearly two hundred brick-and-mortar storefronts around the country. Each offers a 10% discount when you present your Scion Partners Card. To register, visit

PHATKAPS, TN – Phatkaps started as a kiosk of 60 fitted hats in 1994 in Knoxvillle, TX. Since then they’ve grown into one of the premiere lifestyle brands in Nashville, TN, offering an eclectic selection of streetwear and hip hop inspired clothing. They sell every street style from beanies and hoodies to cardigans and vests. Phatkaps has made a name for themselves with their worldly vibe and commitment to bringing street-inspired clothing to the masses. Styles can trend in LA, NYC or Miami. There is equal appeal to all ages and demographics; it is a shop frequented by lawyers, NFL players and street youth alike.

This diverse selection of merchandise has given Phatkaps the local reputation for being the ultimate thread dealer. They only serve up the freshest and flyest gear. Check out their online boutique and grab 10% off through the Scion Partners Program.

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