Prince Club Finds the Drama in House Music

A lot has changed in the last couple years for Max-Antoine Gendron and Zacharie-Jos Montpetit, the two longtime pals who form Prince Club. For starters, the dudes ditched their screamo band to dive headfirst into the voluptuous grooves of deep house, kicking out tight bootlegs of Ginuwine, Whitney Houston and Adele and winning praise from the likes of Claude Von Stroke and Solomun. Then, both producers split from their native city of Montreal: Gendron abandoned frigid Canada for the sunny plains of Los Angeles, while Mr. Montpetit relocated to London. Somewhere in between hot and cool lies the duo’s undulating, bass-heavy and, dare we say it, sexy tracks, which can be found on labels like Made to Play, Snatch! and Discobelle. In this interview, we pick Max-Antoine’s brain about his recent move to LA and how to craft tunes that really work on the dancefloor.

Also, check out the interview with Niklas Mijdema, Martin Andersson, and Bjorn Jeffery as they talk about running Discobelle and stream their Discobelle CD Sampler from Scion AV.


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