Scion AV & Vice Present “Young Americans, Part 8: Is The American Dream Still Possible? ” Directed by Lance Bangs

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Young Americans”—the 8-part series from Scion AVVice, and filmmaker Lance Bangs—concludes with the question, “Is the American Dream Still Possible?” After first trying to break down what exactly the American dream is, the interviewees’ answers on its possibility range from the widely positive to the extremely skeptical. Going even wider scope, the video ends with the question of whether it’s a good time to be young in America. Once again the conflicting opinions start flying, but as one person says, “It’s probably as good-bad as any time.”



Air Dates:

12/10 – Part 1: What Is Your Life Like?

12/13 – Part 2: 24 Hours at the Short Stop Deli

12/14 – Part 3: Does It Matter Who The President Is?

12/17 – Part 4: The Economy

12/18 – Part 5: Social Networking

12/19 – Part 6: Are We Too Divided About Politics?

12/20 – Part 7: Immigration

12/21 – Part 8: Is The American Dream Still Possible?

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