Pictureplane Talks Punk Techno With Scion Radio

Pictureplane (a.k.a. Travis Egedy) operates in a nebulous hyperspace between art-punk, dark wave, obscure happy hardcore and soaring trance. A product of the noise scene surrounding Denver, Colorado punk warehouse Rhinoceropolis, Travis applies a DIY ethos and archaic technology to the creation forward-thinking electronic music; albums like 2009’s Dark Rift and 2011’s Thee Physical are full of anthems that are epic as they are lo-fi. Combine this all with a post-internet, Mad Max-meets-The Matrix aesthetic and you have something very special indeed. In this video, Scion Radio hosts Blu Jemz and Star Eyes talk to Pictureplane about melding punk with rave and why every DJ should tour in a van and sleep on a floor at least once.

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