Scion AV Installation Gift Guide: Apparel & Soft Goods, Courtesy of “The Gift Show”

Still looking for some last minute gifts? We’re here for you, and we won’t judge you on your tardiness.

Last week the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles opened “The Gift Show” featuring original art pieces (including a collaboration between RZA and David Choe), limited edition music releases, autographed memorabilia, accessories and much more. Some of the goods are gone, but there’s still plenty left.

Plus all proceeds from this exhibition go to Superstorm Sandy relief efforts. We’ve already raised approximately $17,000, but we know we can make that figure even higher.

For product inquiries and purchases please call Scion AV Installation at (323) 272-4266 or visit us at 7667 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


Here are some options  now available in the Apparel & Soft Goods departments:


(counterclockwise from the top left)

OG Brooklyn, Starter snapback, SSUR, $35

Yankee, Starter snapback, SSUR, $35

NY Bones, Starter snapback, SSUR, $35

SSUR is the brainchild of Black Sea native Ruslan Karablin, an American immigrant who grew up in Coney Island. From humble NYC beginnings as a graphic designer and then a T-shirt maker, SSUR has expanded his empire to include clothing, street art, fine art, merchandise, gallery exhibitions and more. SSUR is the quintessential rags to riches story of a person that embraced his life and continually payed homage to what shaped him the entire way: the streets.

Hall of Fame, Snapback, Hall of Fame, $35

LA-based Hall of Fame boutique brings west coast fame to east coast style and sensibilities. This brand is just starting to blow up in a big way and they promise to bring you what everyone comes to LA for: fame. High-impact designs and simple, recognizable script has their branding locked down.


“Lady Cries,” 100% cotton T-shirt, Abdul Qadim Haqq, $35

Techno visual artist Abdul Qadim Haqq displays an intimate vision of Lady Liberty with the “Liberty Cries” T-shirt.


“Peace,” 100% Cotton T-shirt, Dr. Daks, $35

Street artist Dr. Daks injects his vision of peace on Earth into this T-shirt. It’s one message we can all rally behind.


“Pin Point,” 100% cotton T-shirt, Alex Czetwertynski, $35

Paris-based graphic artist Alex Czetwertynski merges the past with the future in his modern tee design “Pin Point.” Whether you’re lost, found, forgetful or just fashionable, this tee will look great on you. 


“Love Wins Again,” 100% cotton T-shirt, Altercation, $35

New Orleans “life artist” Altercation brings her simple expressions of love to the human canvas with “Love Wins Again.” We can’t argue with that. 


“Helpful,” 100% Cotton T-shirt, Jeff Lamm, $35

“Battle,” 100% Cotton T-shirt, Jeff Lamm, $35

Graphic artist Jeff Lamm draws on his Japanese monster influences to produce these playfully diabolical T-shirts. These little minions are always willing to lend a hand, or three. 


“Ganeesha Lollypop
,” 100% Cotton T-shirt, Justin Hampton, $35

Pacific Northwest graphic artist Justin Hampton brings pop art inspirations to the T-shirt canvas with “Ganeesha Lollypop.”


“Drinks,” 100% Cotton teeshirt, Poolside, $35

LA’s top daytime disco act, Poolside, gives you T-shirt to help you think of warmer times during the cold seasons.


“Sugar Cyborg,” 100% cotton T-shirt, PMFKA, $35

Globetrotting graphic designer PMFKA brings his surreal imaginings to the chest canvas with his “Sugar Cyborg” print. 


“Make Art Now,” printed on natural canvas, Dustin Amery Hostetler, $20

An always relevant call to artistic arms from Dustin Amery Hostelter (also know as USPO).


“Library Tote,” printed on blue canvas, Ryan Waller, $20

Brooklyn’s Ryan Waller brings you the perfect accessory for your next big study break.


“Inherit The Wind,” printed on royal blue canvas, Mark Owens, $20

Another motivational piece from designer, writer and fillmmaker, Mark Owens.


WESC Denim, 100% Soiled denim, Steve Aoki, $150

Steve Aoki has donated his personal pair of used WESC Denim jeans. These jeans retail for a pretty penny to begin with, but to be worn by a true road warrior? Priceless.


MAUI WOWIE Backpack, Provided by Mishka, $100

HIGH HICKER Backpack, Provided by Mishka, $100

HELLS BUNKER Backpack, Provided by Mishka, $100

Few brands embody the street as comprehensively as NYC-based Mishka. Showcasing influences from 80’s underground punk, indie rock, heavy metal, skaters, comics, b-movies and horror flicks, it’s no secret why Mishka has become a cult brand: they were cool before cool was cool. 

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