Scion A/V & Vice Present “Young Americans, Part 2: 24 Hours At Shortstop Deli” Directed by Lance Bangs

For  part 2 of Young Americans, the new series from Scion A/V and Vice, filmmaker Lance Bangs localized his approach. The episode spends a day and night asking the big questions at the Shortstop Deli, a local institution in Ithaca, New York that’s open 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. Catching up with students and locals in this college town, we hear perspectives on preparing for a future of dealing with debt and whether this generation will be better or worse off than their parents.


Air Dates:

12/10 – Part 1: What Is Your Life Like?

12/13 – Part 2: 24 Hours at the Short Stop Deli

12/14 – Part 3: Does It Matter Who The President Is?

12/17 – Part 4: The Economy

12/18 – Part 5: Social Networking

12/19 – Part 6: Are We Too Divided About Politics?

12/20 – Part 7: Immigration

12/21 – Part 8: Is The American Dream Still Possible?

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