Scion A/V & Vice Present “Young Americans, Part 1: What Is Your Life Like?” Directed by Lance Bangs

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Young Americans - Scion AV

Scion A/V and Vice present Young Americans, a new eight-part series made by filmmaker Lance Bangs. Director and producer Bangs travelled the United States throughout 2012 talking to hundreds of young people. The first installment of Young Americans starts with the deceptively simple question, “What’s Your Life Like?” The answers showcase a range of ambition, frustration and total whateverness.

Of the project, Bangs says, ”I began the shoots feeling a sense of detachment and frustration from many of the young people I was meeting and filming, who were largely concerned with navigating a stressed financial landscape. As my travels went on and the election year backdrop ramped up, people became more engaged in conversations about the direction of the country and carving out their own place within it.”

Stay with us as we unveil further chapters of Young Americans over the next two weeks on YouTube, covering topics including the economy, the American Dream, social media, higher education and more.

Air Dates:

12/10 – Part 1: What Is Your Life Like?

12/13 – Part 2: 24 Hours at the Short Stop Deli

12/14 – Part 3: Does It Matter Who The President Is?

12/17 – Part 4: The Economy

12/18 – Part 5: Social Networking

12/19 – Part 6: Are We Too Divided About Politics?

12/20 – Part 7: Immigration

12/21 – Part 8: Is The American Dream Still Possible?


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