Handmade Acoustic Amplifiers by Index Drums Available for Sale at the Scion AV Installation

The Scion AV Installation supports independent artists and their creative visions by hosting monthly exhibitions and offering custom-made products for sale.  All of the proceeds from the sales of these products go either directly back to the artist, or to a charity of their choosing.  Now available at the Scion AV Installation are beautifully handcrafted wooden acoustic amplifiers from designer Paul King, Index Drums.

For product inquiries and purchases please call Scion AV Installation at (323) 272-4266 or visit us at 7667 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Acoustic iPad Amplifier
No big deal here, just another acoustic amplifier for your iPad 2 or 3 that lets you watch movies in the landscape orientation. Oh wait. Actually this is a huge deal. This dock works with most covers up to 1/2″ thick, including the smart cover. The volume buttons are easily accessible, and the charging/syncing port is not blocked. The sound is clear, enhanced, and POINTED AT YOU. What a novel idea.

Acoustic iPhone Amp

This product solves two problems: not hearing your iPhone music loud enough, and not having enough plywood on your desk at work.

This dock really gives the bass end a kick, as well as focusing the sound. There is no power running to the dock, all of the sound comes from your phone’s on-board speakers. The dock acts as a loudspeaker horn, just like the cheerleader megaphones from the old days. The dimensions are 7.25″ wide by 4.5″ tall.  Works with iPhone 3, 3G, 4, 4S, and 5, as well as the iPod touch.



In the summer of 2006, founder Paul made his first wooden acoustic drum with a handsaw and a borrowed set of chisels.

That year he built four drums and gave three away.  Since that summer, he has experimented with many shapes and sizes of hand percussion, as well as moving up to furniture construction and acoustic amplifiers. As the 23 original cajons (and the  congos, bongos, bodhrans, djembes and amplifiers) got around, people started asking where they could get one, and Index Drums was born.  Paul is still building drums and amplifiers by hand in his shop in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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