SSUR’s “From The Cradle To The Grave” Opens to a Packed Crowd at Scion AV Installation

SSUR - Scion AV Installation

The Scion AV Installation space, which strives to support independent artistic expression, opened a new exhibit last weekend to a crowd of almost 500 people featuring the work of New York-based artist SSUR.  The show featured a collection of SSUR’s work, including unique prints and several retail products based on SSUR’s designs.  The limited edition goods are items visitors might use in daily life, such as lighters, glasses, tables, moleskine notebooks, and dice.  The infamous Rebel Ape was in attendance, providing great photo opportunities for guests at the show.  Products from SSUR, as well as a smattering of other artists, are available for sale at the Scion A/V Installation.  All proceeds go directly back to the artist or to a charity of the featured artist’s choosing.

After the opening event, guests were invited to the Dragonfly Bar in Hollywood, where rapper Action Bronson took the stage.  Check out the photos below from the opening event and the after party.

For more information, please contact Scion A/V installation at (323) 272-4266 or visit us at 7667 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

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