Harry Fraud Releases “Mean” Single Featuring French Montana & Action Bronson with Scion A/V

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Harry Fraud - Mean - Scion AV

Producer Harry Fraud has released his debut single “Mean” through Scion A/V. The track from the Brooklyn beatmaker features guest verses from French Montana and Action Bronson at their smoothest. “Mean” is a pure space soul and captures Fraud’s ability to appeal to both the mainstream and underground hip-hop worlds.

On November 28, 2012, Harry Fraud will perform his upcoming Cigarette Boats EP in its entirety at Scion A/V’s monthly Open Mic event at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, New York.

Steam or download Scion A/V Presents: Mean single, which features the original and the song’s instrumental version, below.

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  1. hitrapbeats.com - 04/06/14, 8:50 am

    ” And, “If I Could Save the World” “because it’s meaningful and smooth.

    They’re playing into everybody who’s not feeling that. If the maker uses cheap recording
    equipment it will show in the sound quality.