Scion A/V Presents: Label Showcase — Moshpit Tragedy

Moshpit Tragedy, the innovative Canadian punk and metal label, is the latest outfit to be featured on a Scion A/V Label Showcase release. The new single features live recordings of Phobia‘s “Cruel” and “Cold Blue Serenity” by Skarp. It is available online and in limited edition 7-inch vinyl.

Stream or download Scion A/V Presents: Label Showcase — Moshpit Tragedy:

To get a better understanding of what differentiates Moshpit Tragedy from other labels—including their defining “pay what you want” philosophy—watch the three videos below. There’s also an extra two videos profiling Moshpit Tragedy artists Phobia and Skarp.

 Pay What You Want

Artist Run Label


Phobia Interview

Skarp Interview

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