Scion Music(less) Music Conference Returns for its Third Year

Action Bronson, Harry Fraud, and Killer Mike in the Rap in 2012 Panel.

The Scion Music(less) Music Conference returned to Los Angeles from October 3 to October 5, 2012, for its third year. Participants included Killer Mike, Frank Kozik, TOKiMONSTA, Drop the Lime, Action Bronson, Dave Sardy, Jermaine Rodgers, Dave Nada, Harry Fraud, David Brodsky, and Nick Hook, plus representatives from VICE, SoundCloud, Relapse Records, Third Man Records, Spotify, Mishka, Rdio, Acéphale, Dim Mak, and many more.

The conference targets developing talent and small businesses in the independent music industry. The goal is to provide knowledge and resources to help their evolving careers. This is accomplished through panels, workshops, and one-on-one interviews on a wide-ranging, but practical information-oriented, roster of subjects.

The conference began with a welcome reception for panelists, workshop leaders, and other participants, held by the pool of the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Guests got hard-earned wisdom and uncut anecdotes from three stellar interviewees: Fishbone leader Angelo Moore, rap legend Too $hort, and from disco and pop icon Nile Rodgers.

Nile Rodgers of Chic with interviewer Andre Torres of Wax Poetics.

Interviewer Christopher Roberts of VICE with Angelo Moore of Fishbone.

Too $hort and manager Domingo Neris.

Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records and Ken Shipley of Numero Group.

Rennie Jaffe of Relapse Records and Gordon Conrad of Season of Mist Recordings.

Killer Mike.

Too $hort, Nile Rodgers, and Angelo Moore

At the conference itself, each day there were four different sessions with three rooms running per session. Day 1’s highlights included: a panel on the realities of being a hip-hop artist in 2012  featuring Killer Mike, Action Bronson, and Harry Fraud; an in-depth talk with DJ/producer Drop the Lime of the Trouble & Bass label; a workshop about affecting social change while still making money from Yosi Sergant of TaskForce PR; and a panel on finding a niche in the expanding vinyl market featuring representatives from Third Man Records and Acéphale Records, plus Melvins collaborator Mackie Osborne.

Interviewer Miles Raymer and Dave Sardy.

Yosi Sergant of TaskForce PR in the Making Coin By Making Change workshop.

Moderator Vivian Host with Nick Hook, Dave Nada, and TOKiMONSTA in the Independent Dance Music in 2012 panel.

Dave Sweetapple in the Selling Vinyl workshop.

Attendees Domenic Romeo from A389, Fred Pessaro from Brooklyn Vegan, Dwid Hellion of Integrity and A389, and Brad Boatwright of From Ashes Rise.

Attendees Prince Paul and Hines Buchannan

Day 2 got deeper into the trenches of making a living through music in 2012. A sample of the offerings included a panel titled How to Build Relationships with Brands featuring participants from Scion, VICE, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Skullcandy, and The Standard; a discussion on the state of online music distribution with representatives from SoundCloud, MOG, and Spotify; a workshop on how to make a successfully creative music video from director David Brodsky; and an interview with game-revolutionizing poster artist Frank Kozik.

Moderator Eric Ducker, Stephane Vacher of the Standard, Jason DeMarco of Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Jeri Yoshizu of Scion, Chris Bradly of Skullcandy, and Erik Lavoie of VICE Media Group in the How to Build Relationships with Brands panel.

Moderator Steven Leckart, Marisol Segal of Rdio, Trevor McFedries of Spotify, and Dave Haynes of SoundCloud in the The State of Online Music Distribution panel.

David Brodsky in the How to Make a Badass Video workshop.

Interviewer Chris Cruse and documentary filmmaker Doug Pray.

Interviewer Miles Raymer and artist Frank Kozik.

At the Scion Music(less) Conference there were also multiple panels and workshops on the essential mechanics of operating as a small business, such as sessions on Finance 101, Licensing, Publishing, Merchandising, Online Retail Possibilities, and Online Distribution led by industry veterans including Steven Winogradsky of Winogradsky/Sobel, A.J. Finizo of Seed Distribution, Burton Parker of Blue Collar Distro, Mike Conroy of GoMerch, David Weitzman of ole, and Kristin Lee Geisler of deBlois, Mejia & Kaplan.

Attendees Prince Terrence, Blu Jemz, Nick Hook, and Max Antoine Poulin-Gendron of Prince Club.

All the events of the conference were filmed and will be available online in the coming weeks on Scion A/V and Scion A/V’s YouTube channel. Stay tuned.

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