Custom Products by French at Scion AV Installation Retail Space

The Scion AV Installation strives to support independent artists and their creative visions.  Last month, the Scion AV Installation opened in Los Angeles with an exhibition called “Verita Vltima Vitae” by artist French.  Some of French’s custom-made products with his original artwork that were presented in that exhibition are now available for sale at the Scion AV Installation retail space.  100% of the proceeds from the sales of these products go either directly back to French, or to a charity of his choosing.

For product inquiries and purchases please call Scion AV Installation at (323) 272-4266 or visit us at 7667 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


Hand Screened Pool Shaped Skateboard Deck.  Ride like the Wolf straight out of Hades through a back yard pool on this 9″ x 32″ Pool Shape.

Limited to an Edition of 25.  Hand Made & Screened in the UK by Lovenskate.  Features all new artwork by French.



Get that Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Evening tea fix and conjure yourself a great day with the Conjuration Tea Set. There are two mugs, so you can either share with a friend or drink twice as much tea if you’re a lone wolf.

Bone China Tea Mugs and Tea Towel. Limited to an Edition of 20 Sets (2 mugs/1 Towel per set).  Hand Screened in the UK.  Features all new artwork by French.



Keep yourself unsafe and full of nightmares, but warm all the way from the cradle to the grave. Three bespoke, super limited edition, two of a kind Tapestry Blankets.  These can either be used to hang as a wall mounted tapestry or be used in the bedroom, living room, even on a couch or at a picnic.

Knitted in Canada by Brutal Knitting (Tracy Widdess).  100% Scotch Wool.  All new artwork by French.



French draws pictures. His obsession with metal music informs French’s work that literally draws the line between the magnificent and sensitive. Detailed line work shows both beauty and obsession. French creates artwork to exhibit and also for commercial use. Recently he has exhibited in the UK, New York, LA, Portland, San Francisco as well as in Japan and Australia. He has also produced work for: – Paul Smith – Catalogue – Laurence King Publishing – Vans Footwear – M&C Saatchi – AMV BBDO Advertising – Fallen Footwear – Century Media Records – Virgin Music – Zero Skatebaords – Nike, Nike Town Store – Altamont Clothing (LA) – Nitro Snowboards (USA) – ITV – Afterlife (MC Saatchi) – Creature Skateboards (NHS) – Southern Records, (UK) – Illustrated People, London – The BBC – Pointer Shoes – Dazed and Confused Magazine England.

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