JFish Designs Products Available at Scion A/V Installation Retail Store

Dedicated to fostering independent artistic expression, the Scion AV Installation allows artists to explore their creative visions and is a retail space with uniquely designed products. The gallery will feature a revolving roster of artists showing their work in the space and retailing any products they have created. 100% of the proceeds from artwork and product sales will be given directly back to the artist showing or donated to a charity of the featured artists’ choosing.

Jennifer Fisher of JFish Designs currently has two products available for sale at the Scion AV Installation – details are below.  For product inquiries and purchases please call Scion AV Installation at (323) 272-4266 or visit us at 7667 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046.



This organic vase is a perfect ovoid form with a small opening for flowers. It rests securely on a flat base and curves dramatically up towards the opening. The smooth shape is accentuated by the mottled texture and delicate lines that riddle the surface, almost as if the creature inside tried to push through the shell. Porcelain clay with a natural matte exterior finish and clear glazed interior. Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ x 5″.


GradeA is a container that takes one of nature’s most perfect shapes – the egg – and adds a twist. Its oversized shape, lean, & wrapping curved lid add personality to the simple shape. Remove the lid and you will find a bright colored interior chamber appropriate for storing jewelry, keepsakes, or any other odds and ends.  Dimensions: 2″ x 2″ x2.75“.


Jennifer Fisher is a Berkeley based ceramic artist. All of her work is handmade with careful attention to visual and tactile detail. Her goal is to create ceramic tableware and gardenware that customers connect with and that they will want to keep for a lifetime. Trained in Engineering Psychology and Industrial Design, she has a unique perspective that is reflected in her work. She strives to combine style and beauty with comfort and accessibility, designing products that are approachable, touchable, and beautiful.

Visit the JFish Designs Website at 
http://jfishdesigns.com or visit the Facebook Page.

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