Scion A/V Presents: BARE — Altitude

Scion A/V brings you the latest attack from BARE in the Los Angeles dubstep takeover. Scion A/V Presents: BARE — Altitude is an intense 5-song experience that measures up to when the producer was last heard on Scion A/V, remixing Flinch’s “Under Water.” After powerful EP opener “Altitude,” BARE keeps the bass levels in the red with help from collaborators Proe, Cally, Messinian, and I See Stars. He also might have even claimed 2012’s song title of the year with “Brometheus.”

Track Listing

1) Altitude

2) Heavyweight Feat. Proe

3) Audio Overdose Feat. Caly

4) Brometheus Feat. Messinian

5) BARE + I See Star – Beauty And The Beast

Stream and download Scion A/V Presents: BARE — Altitude:

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