Scion Music(less) Music Conference: Lance Bangs, Henry Chalfant, Jeff Feuerzeig, and David Brodsky on the Intersection of Music and Film

The Scion Music(less) Music Conference is an annual event held in Los Angeles, California. Participants include Lance Bangs, Henry Chalfant, Jeff Feuerzeig, and David Brodsky. The Scion Music(less) Music Conference consists of panels, interviews, and workshops designed to offer insights and practical advice for those looking to enter or take their next step in the music industry. Each presentation is filmed in high definition and offered for free so it can exist as a digital resource to those who are interested in expanding their creative possibilities or improving their business approach.

In the two videos below, a group of directors give detailed explanations of how to make music-based documentaries and music videos. They also get into some of the issues that come with working in these mediums.

For the Music Documentaries panel, moderator Eric Ducker talks with the prolific director Lance Bangs, Style Wars producer Henry Chalfant, and The Devil & Daniel Johnston director Jeff Feuerzeig. They look at what it takes for a music documentary to be successful—artistically, critically, and financially.

Director David Brodsky then leads a workshop on How to Make a Music Video. He covers the entire process: from the initial planning stage, to shooting the video, to post work, to getting it out to the public.

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