Scion Music(less) Music Conference: Prince Paul, Kid Congo Powers, Hunx, and Dwid Hellion Look at the Big Picture

The Scion Music(less) Music Conference is an annual event held in Los Angeles, California. Participants include Prince Paul, Kid Congo Powers, Hunx, Dwid Hellion of Integrity, Juan Velasquez from Abe Vigoda, and Alexis Blair Penney. The Scion Music(less) Music Conference consists of panels, interviews, and workshops designed to offer insights and practical advice for those looking to enter or take their next step in the music industry. Each presentation is filmed in high definition and offered for free so it can exist as a digital resource to those who are interested in expanding their creative possibilities or improving their business approach.

In the three videos below, a diverse group of artists and journalists look at some of the more theoretical topics affecting the music world right now.

For the Artists On Hating panel, moderator Sacha Jenkins speaks with legendary producer Prince Paul, outspoken artist and label owner Dwid Hellion of Integrity and Holy Terror Records, and provocative garage rocker Hunx. They discuss how hate, from fans and other artists, is directed towards them and how they respond to it, plus whether hate can ever be creatively constructive.

Tackling another aspect of this subject, moderator Christopher R. Weingarten talks with Andrew Nosnitsky of C*c**n* Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes, Fred Pessaro of Brooklyn Vegan, and Henry H. Owings of Chunklet. This collection of writers examine the role that haters play now that there are increasingly more avenues to express their opinions.

Then in the Being Gay in the Music World panel, moderator T. Cole Rachel brings together garage rock icon Kid Congo Powers, Juan Velasquez of Abe Vigoda, dance music vocalist Alexis Blair Penney, and dancer Altercation. They address how being openly gay in the music industry has changed over the years, plus what hurdles remain.

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