Scion Music(less) Music Conference: Moodymann, John Baizley of Baroness, Thirdman Records, and Goner Records Talk Art and Commerce

The Scion Music(less) Music Conference is an annual event held in Los Angeles, California. Participants include Moodymann, John Baizley of Baroness, Timothy Saccenti and representatives from labels including Third Man and Goner Records. The Scion Music(less) Music Conference consists of panels, interviews, and workshops designed to offer insights and practical advice for those looking to enter or take their next step in the music industry. Each presentation is filmed in high definition and offered for free so it can exist as a digital resource to those who are interested in expanding their creative possibilities or improving their business approach.

The three videos below explore how art intersects with commerce in the music industry, and whether these two forces ever can, or should be, separated as technology evolves and our culture continues to change.

In The Place of Purism panel, moderator Adam Shore gathers Detroit techno boundary pusher Moodymann, Ben Swank of Third Man, Zac Ives of Goner Records, and Breakestra bandleader Miles Tackett. The group examines whether you can still find success by sticking to the ideas that were the foundation for the music industry for decades or if you have to continuously incorporate new technologies to avoid failure.

For the Visual Art’s Role in Music Panel, moderator Eric Ducker talks with illustrator and Baroness frontman John Baizley, music video director Ryan Staake of Pomp&Clout, and photographer and director Timothy Saccenti. The four explore how to make a career out of creating visual art in the music industry. They look at the changing role of traditional mediums like album art and what new mediums have opened up within the digital landscape.

Finally, The Role of Zines panel finds moderator Eric Ducker speaking with Henry H. Owings of Chunklet, Marisa Brickman of SUP, and Jeremy Cargill of Ugly Things. They cover the hard reality of the print vs. digital debate and address whether zines can still be a viable means for aspiring music journalists to begin their careers.

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