Scion Music(less) Music Conference: Converse, Adult Swim, Red Bull and The Windish Agency Give Behind the Scenes Knowledge

The Scion Music(less) Music Conference is an annual event held in Los Angeles, California. Participants include representatives from Converse, Red Bull, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Volcom, International Creative Management, and The Windish Agency. The Scion Music(less) Music Conference consists of panels, interviews, and workshops designed to offer insights and practical advice for those looking to enter or take their next step in the music industry. Each presentation is filmed in high definition and offered for free so it can exist as a digital resource to those who are interested in expanding their creative possibilities or improving their business approach.

The three videos below offer a behind the scenes look at the mechanics of the music industry and some of the jobs out of the spotlight that enable artists to make money.

In the panel How Brands Prop Up the Industry, moderator Jeri S. Yoshizu (director of Scion’s lifestyle marketing) speaks with Greg Galbraith (Converse/Chuck Taylor All Star), Kurt Midness (Volcom), Jason DeMarco (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim) and Torsten Schmidt (Red Bull). They cover what kind of deals brands are offering artists, how these relationships benefit each party, and whether these collaborations are good for the development of music.

The Tour Management workshop is led by David Scheid, a tour manager for indie artists since the 1990s and most recently the tour manager for Girl Talk. He reveals the realities of making tour managing a career and what the actual responsibilities are.

For the Role of Booking Agents panel, moderator Adam Shore brings together three booking agents at the top of their field: Brad Owen of The Windish Agency, Dave Shapiro of The Agency Group, and Nick Storch of International Creative Management. The in-depth topics covered include agency consolidations, the extra value booking agents must now offer, how they build an infrastructure to serve their clients, and what they look for in artists before working with them.

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