Scion iQ Project Museum: Prince Paul


The Scion iQ Project Museum explores the life and legacy of Prince Paul, the groundbreaking hip-hop producer, in a thorough and hilarious exhibit. Trace Prince Paul’s progress from an aspiring Long Island DJ, to a Stetsasonic member, to De La Soul’s creative guide, to a part of rap supergroup Gravediggaz, to a boundary-pushing solo artist.


Paul’s unique tale is told through artifacts pulled from his own deep archives including tour laminates, promotional toilet paper, photocopied flyers, a daily planner from 1990, and commentary from Paul himself. Among the insights about Paul’s career revealed in this exhibit is a hand-written letter from Stetsasonic’s Daddy-O trying to convince him to take on a flashier stage name and how Tommy Boy signed Handsome Boy Modeling School when it was still just a private joke between him and Dan the Automator.


Watch a guided tour video below, narrated by Prince Paul, and then visit the Scion iQ Project Museum to learn more about his storied history.




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