Scion iQ Project Museum: LA Chicano Punk


The Scion iQ Project Museum tells the story of Los Angeles Chicano Punk in a new exhibit. Centered around The Vex, the upstairs hall of a community arts center in East Los Angeles, that for eight months in 1980 became a hub for bands including The Gears, The Stains, The Brat, and Los Lobos. It also drew visitors including John Doe and X, Tom Waits, and Black Flag, whose riotous show at The Vex led the venue’s closure.

The story of The Vex and the roots of LA Chicano Punk are told in the Scion iQ Project Museum exhibit through vintage posters, images from photographers Ann Summa and Gary Leonard, as well as new video interviews with key players including Richard Duardo, Louie Perez of Los Lobos, and David Reyes and Tom Waldman—co-authors of the book Land of a Thousand Dances: Chicano Rock ‘n’ Roll from Southern California. What’s revealed is a vital story about a sound and time that still intrigues and inspires today.

Watch a guided tour video below, narrated by exhibit photographer Ann Summa, and then visit the Scion iQ Project Museum to learn more about Los Angeles Chicano Punk.


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