Municipal Waste EP Release

Richmond, Virginia’s Municipal Waste is a thrash band turned repo men. Or at least for this exclusive Scion A/V 45, anyway. A-side “Repossession” catches that band at their caustic, concise best, with a killer solo by Ryan Waste and the semi-humorous declaration “We got the goods…and soon we’ll have all yours!” On the flip, “Poser Disposer” ratchets up the riot, tendentious Tony Foresta promising “we’ll tear you apart” while the boys deliver enough fast thrash action to do exactly that. Well gosh, let’s mosh! Head over to to learn more!

Scion A/V Presents: Municipal Waste EP Tracklisting:

1. Municipal Waste – Repossession

2. Municipal Waste – Garbage Stomp / Poser Disposer

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