Scion Label Showcase: Nuclear Blast, Dec. 2011

The monthly Scion Label Showcase is a free event that gathers bands under the same record label to play abbreviated sets back-to-back, in order to display the range and diversity of each band and label. In November of 2011, our Label Showcase series debuted with four bands under the highly-respected metal label Nuclear Blast. The bands gathered at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Exodus, All Shall Perish, Origin, and Decrepit Birth each played a thirty-minute set in for the enthusiastic afternoon crowd.

At each of our Scion Label Showcase events, the entire set is recorded, mastered and released as an exclusive live compilation album. The Nuclear Blast compilation album is available for download below!

DECREPIT BIRTH formed in 2001 by Matt Sotelo – guitars, Bill Robinson – vocals, and Derek Boyer – bass. With a new album release in 2003, Decrepit Birth was able to catch the attention of Nuclear Blast Records, which was a label the band really wanted to work with for years. After negotiations, they happily signed on with Nuclear Blast in Spring of 2008.


ORIGIN was formed in Topeka, Kansas in 1997.  The original line up consisted of Paul Ryan, Jeremy Turner, Clinton Appelhanz, George Fluke, and Mark Manning.  With a solid line up in place, the band completed a 4 song demo in 1998 entitled A Coming Into Existence and played their first show opening for Suffocation in May of the same year.  As the band continued to hone their skills and line up (enter John Longstreth on drums / Doug Williams on bass), more shows followed and the band gained a reputation for going toe to toe with legendary acts such as Napalm Death, Nile, and Gorguts. An appearance at November to Dismember Metal Fest in Texas prompted Philadelphia based Relapse Records to sign the band in December of 1999.



ALL SHALL PERISH are like the Oakland Raiders, the football team from where the band resides; full of bad asses and if you’re a hater expect to get a ton of s*** from their diehard fans, if not the rims of your car stolen.
With people like Kirk Hammett (METALLICA) and Rob Flynn (MACHINE HEAD) citing the band as favorites, it’s only a matter a time before the franchise known as ALL SHALL PERISH starts to fill sports arenas themselves. Couple that with their rapidly growing popularity and their huge musical growth over a relatively short amount of time, and the comparison isn’t such a stretch of the imagination.



One cannot discuss the power and influence of EXODUS without going into the genealogy of metal music itself.  Long hailed as the band that spawned the burgeoning Bay Area Thrash scene in the early ‘80s, the band’s most admirable quality is that the word  “surrender” has never existed in lead guitarist/songwriter/General-In-Chief Gary Holt’s vocabulary.  Surviving decampment (original guitarist Kirk Hammett left to join Metallica in 1983), death (original vocalist Paul Baloff died in early 2002), untimely disaster (long-time second vocalist Steve Souza abandoned the band in 2004 on the eve of a South American tour), dejection (original drummer Tom Hunting was incapacitated by panic attacks in May 2005), and drug abuse (guitar comrade-in-arms Rick Hunolt’s resignation in June 2005 was due in part to addiction issues), it would have been easier for many to interpret these events as a signal to retire, but then again, not everyone is Gary Holt.




“Scion A/V relates to the hunger that the metal scene requires. These label showcases are not only a representation of different sounds coming together in a unified front, but also a representation of how the metal scene is ultimately thriving in the world we live in.” – Jeri Yoshizu

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