“Skream & Benga” EP Release

Fresh off their rafter-raising North American tour, it’s the UK’s preeminent dubstep duo Skream & Benga. Known for their bass-centric brand of sci-fi sonics, the pair now scorch Scion A/V with this new five-track EP. From their early studio releases on Big Apple Records to their group project Magnetic Man, these childhood friends have put in the necessary work to take their sound from its niche London origins to an awesome level of international prominence.

At age 14 the afro-sporting producer Benga went to his first club, Forward>> at London’s now defunct Velvet Rooms, the night widely acknowledged for founding the bassy UK garage hybrid, dubstep. Having put in years of graft, Benga, now age 21, is a leading light in the rising global dubstep movement alongside his childhood friend, Skream. After early mentoring by Arthur from Artwork, Benga refined his trade working for a professional studio, linked to the biggest labels in the world. He concentrated his output on Dubstep in 2005. He has since become a highly respected DJ in his own right, playing throughout Europe, Australasia and America.

At 15, Skream discovered making music, but he’s barely started yet: because right now, Skream is an artist on fire. Ollie, Skream’s real name, is no stranger to a bit of hell raising himself, famous for his up-for-it behavior at parties or out on the town. In fact he’s the only known music artist with a subdued alter-ego. Most rock stars are quiet by day with flamboyant alter-egos. Our wunderkind is the other way around. But then that’s artists like Skream for you: unique.


1. Skream – Ice Cream Jelly Roll

2. Benga – Any Steppers

3. Skream – Nefariousa

4. Benga – Electro West

5. Skream – Phat Head

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