Wormrot ‘Noise’ EP Release, Scion AV

Scion A/V has released a new 5 track digital EP entitled ‘Noise’ from the most exciting addition to the grindcore scene and Singapore’s finest, Wormrot. This new music became available as a free download at www.scionav.com on September 20, 2011, along with the EP comes Wormrot’s new video, ‘Breed to Breed’, a jarring mish-mash of a live performance of the song.

Revolver Magazine proudly states “…within their grimy musical crawlspace, these guys are kicking ass. Before 2009, most American extreme-metal fans knew maybe one other band from Singapore (hail Impiety!), but Wormrot have officially put the country on the heavy-music map.” Wormrot continues to transform the extreme metal scene by bringing back “gore-drenched bare bones.”

Stream the entire EP here:


1. Loathsome Delusions

2. False Assumptions

3. Outburst of Annoyance

4. Breed to Breed

5. Perpetual Extinction


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