Midnight Magic ‘What the Eyes Can’t See’ EP Release

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Scion A/V has released a new 5-track digital EP from nine-person dance troupe Midnight Magic. Along with the EP comes the haunting new music video for the track ‘Calling Out’.

Disco funk ensemble Midnight Magic creates music brimming with earth-shaking basslines, rock solid rhythms and propulsive, grandiose horns that take their sublime anthems to rare heights. As evidenced on this release of all new material presented by Scion A/V, the band recalls a groovier and looser time in New York City history.

The ‘What the Eyes Can’t See’ EP will be available as a free download via www.scionav.com. The EP will also be available for free in CD and vinyl formats at select Scion Partner retail locations.


1. “What The Eyes Can’t See”

2. “Heat”

3. “Someone’s Watching Me”

4. “Julio”

5. “Calling Out”


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