Omar S. ‘High School Graffiti’ EP Release

Scion A/V has released a new 5 track digital EP from one of Detroit’s most legendary underground house and techno producers – Omar-S. ‘High School Graffiti’, the anticipated new music will be available as a free download at on August 9th. A new video will be ready by the fall.
Omar-S (Alex Omar Smith) first emerged on the Detroit dance scene in 2003, moving right into the hallowed underground techno/house world as an instant luminary, prolifically releasing tracks and LPs on his homegrown FXHE label. On High School Graffiti, the producer brings this distinctive sound he’s cultivated over the years, a shifting landscape of old school synths and drum machines with emotional highs and lows that vary from both menacing to uplifting.

The release of High School Graffiti also represents a continuation of the ongoing creative rapport between Scion A/V and Omar-S. Last year, Scion A/V, Juan Atkins and Omar-S teamed up for a free Detroit techno dance party at the Roxy in Los Angeles; the Scion A/V website is also home to exclusive content from the producer.


1. Got the Drop on Dem

2. Gunup Runup

3. My Naffew Randy

4. Unitarian

5. Who’s in Key ft. Theo Parrish

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