Scion A/V Remix: Sheen Bros fr. Greg Nice

Scion A/V is excited to bring DJ extraordinaire Cosmo Baker (The Rub) and 4th Pyramid (MC, Producer, DJ) together for their first release as their collaborative project Sheen Bros in the next edition of the Scion A/V Remix. Their debut single “It’s So Hot” features Greg Nice, and this release includes new remixes by XXXChange, Miracles Club, Torro Torro, and Whiskey Barons.

Physical and digital version of the release will be available August 2, 2011.

Sheen Bros is a concept developed by Cosmo Baker (NYC) and 4th Pyramid (Toronto), in an attempt to fill the people’s need for something special they call Scumbag Funk: their own brand of sexy dancefloor flavor.

Cosmo Baker is a party-rocking DJ best known for his NYC Monthly (and Scion Streaming Radio Station) The Rub. He has established a craft blending hip-hop, disco, funk, and electronic varieties. Cosmo takes the apparent role in Sheen Bros on the turntables.

4th Pyramid has spent over a decade shifting gears writing rhymes, making beats, and packing clubs; a transition few do so flawlessly. He has travelled the globe alongside hip-hop elite, and now finds his groove in Sheen Bros manning the MPD.

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