Scion Art Presents: The Big Idea – June 25, 2011

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Scion ART Presents: “The Big Idea” – curated by Monsieur L’ Agent


Creative Agency Monsieur L’Agent brings together some familiar faces (//DIY, Honet, Ill-Studio, La Boca, Mario Hugo, So-Me, and Sanghon Kim), and upcoming talent (Anamorphee, Andy Rementer, Check Morris, Douglas Lee, Emily Forgot, Leslie David, and Mathias Schweizer) to Scion Installation LA, with their curated exhibition “The Big Idea.”

A tribute of sorts to advertising legend George Lois (Esquire), “The Big Idea.” is a showcase of Monsieur L’Agent’s artists in a collection which examines the power of images, and their ability to “catch people’s eyes, penetrate their minds, warm their hearts, and cause them to act.”


Anamorphée (France)
Andy Rementer (USA)
Check Morris (France)
//DIY (Switzerland)
Douglas Lee (USA)
Emily Forgot (UK)
Honet (France)
Ill-Studio (France)
La Boca (UK)
Leslie David (France)
Mario Hugo (USA)
Mathias Schweizer (France)
Sanghon Kim (France)
So-Me (France)

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