SCION A/V PRESENTS: Swimming with Sharks, Vol. 1

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Scion A/V is proud to sponsor MFG’s new summer party series, Swimming With Sharks, a poolside party with the unbeatable vibe of Los Angeles and New York City’s club scene.

Taking over The Standard Hotels in LA and NYC, the party will jump back and forth between Los Angeles and New York all summer long. Every month resident DJs like Pools and the LOL Boys will go head-to-head with headlining DJs such as Team Fools Gold’s Nick Catchdubs and Cubic Zirconia’s Nick Hook, IHEARTCOMIX DJs Franki Chan and NightChilde, and many more. Every party brings a new line-up.

To heighten the summer excitement Scion A/V and Swimming With Sharks is offering a stimulating summer soundtrack EP with original tracks from Cosmic Kids, LOL Boys, Pools, Superhumanoids and Poolside, as well as a remix of the Cosmic Kids’ “Reginald’s Groover” by M/B (Greg Bowler and Jamie McNiel).

“Scion is pleased to have the opportunity to work with MFG’s event promotion project, Swimming With Sharks. It lends credence to our long standing ambition to offer high quality products to our fans.” -Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotions for Scion.

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